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Ingalls, Adriene


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Adriene Ingalls

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Soma TrainingGeneralities of Exercise, the Abs and the Thoracic DiaphragmFort Lauderdale2017
Soma TrainingStrengthening of the Lower LimbsFort Lauderdale2018
Soma TrainingStrengthening of the Upper Limbs and the TrunkFort Lauderdale2018
Soma TrainingThe Squat and PosturologyFort Lauderdale2018
Soma TrainingPeriodization and CinesiologyMontreal2017
Soma TrainingMyofascial Stretching (MFS)New York2016
Soma TrainingProprioception and AwarenessNew York2017
Soma TrainingELDOA 1/2Montreal2016
Soma TrainingELDOA 3/4New York2017
Soma TrainingCardio Training and Fitness ConditioningMontreal2017
Soma TrainingSauna CourseMontreal2018
Soma TrainingRespiratory and Circulatory TechniquesMontreal2017
Soma TrainingGlobal Postural Stretching (GPS)Montreal2018
Soma TrainingSports Pathologies and StrappingMontreal2018
Soma TherapyPumping of the Lower LimbsIndiana2016
Soma TherapyPumping of the Upper Limbs and TMJIndiana2016
Soma TherapyPumping of the Trunk & PelvisIndiana2016
Soma TherapyFascial Normalization of the Lower LimbsNew York2017
Soma TherapyFascial Normalization of the Upper Limbs and TMJNew York2017
Soma TherapyFascial Normalization of the Trunk & PelvisNew York2017
Soma TherapyTTLS of the Lower LimbsCalifornia2015
Soma TherapyTTLS of the Upper Limbs and TMJCalifornia2016
Soma TherapyTTLS of the Trunk & PelvisCalifornia2016
Soma TherapyThoracic Diaphragm
Soma TherapyCervico-Thoracic Diaphragm
Soma TherapyPelvic Diaphragm
Soma TherapyCranial Diaphragm